Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Mother's Day 2020

{This Week’s Specials for MOM!}
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Place Orders by Phone: 508-763-4905
We will take orders until Wednesday 5/6 until 3:00pm or UNTIL WE REACH CAPACITY
ORDERS: must be pre-paid by phone.

{Strawberry Tartine Cake} Our take on a strawberry shortcake. vanilla cake layered with mascarpone whipped cream, halved fresh strawberries. Strawberry glaze & fresh strawberries.  7” serves 8-11. $40   (Gluten-Free $50)

{Mother's Day DYO (decorate your own) SUGAR COOKIE KIT} $24  includes: -6, "M's" and 3, "O's" -three bags of Ready-to-Use glaze/icing in assorted colors -fancy sprinkles -assorted fondant hearts

{Key Lime Pie} $22 graham crust, tart yet sweet key lime filling with a burst of key lime zest. Real whipped cream, and coconut sprinkle.

{Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake} Vanilla-blueberry cake, lemon curd filling, vanilla buttercream frosting pink and gold splatter. Edible Fondant D├ęcor: “Happy Mother’s Day Plaque”. 6” serves 6-8 $39

{Classic Cheesecake} Graham crust, vanilla bean cheesecake, with fresh berries and whipped cream. 8” Serves 7-9. $32

{Comfort Baked Goods Box} Mother’s Day Brunch: Includes:
-4 wild blueberry muffins
-1 sour cream coffee cake loaf (3.5"x3"x7.5")
-4 strawberry shortcake cups (vanilla cake layered with cream and fresh sliced strawberries in a 10oz tumbler cup)
-1 quart cranberry almond vanilla granola

{Sprinkle Cake} vanilla and chocolate cake layers, vanilla buttercream filling and frosting. Naturally colored festive rainbow sprinkles (no artificial food dye). $25

QUICHE:  $22
-spinach & goat cheese & caramelized onion
-bacon, cheddar & caramelized onion
-tomatoe, cheddar & caramelized onion
-Portuguese Hash: linguica, cheddar and jack cheese blend,  roasted red potatoes, & caramelized onion

{5” gluten-free cakes} serves 6 (4-5 manly pieces) $30 each
Torte style: four layers of cake, three layers of filling
Vanilla with vanilla buttercream: navy paletted buttercream and white anchors
Chocolate with vanilla buttercream: dust blue watercolor buttercream and gold brush accent

{Box of Sunshine MOM Cupcakes} The Perfect Mother's Day gift for a Drop-and-Dash Delivery. 4 total cupcakes: 2 vanilla and 2 chocolate. All with vanilla buttercream frosting. Cupcakes are topped with fondant decor: "M" "O" "M" and a sunshine. Decor is edible and tastes similar to a vanilla Necco wafer. Packaged in an 8"x8"x4" box with festive "Happy Mother's Day" sticker with space for you to include a "To" and "From" handwritten message.