Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Thanksgiving 2019

Pumpkin Carrot Mousse Torte


{Pumpkin Carrot Mousse Torte} pumpkin-carrot-candied ginger cake, cream cheese mousse, topped with cinnamon whipped cream. Snickerdoodle Crumb
 7” round serves 9-11  $43 (Available as Gluten-Free +$9.00, no crumb)

{Fall Drip Cake}  layers of vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream filling and frosting, FANCY sprinkles at the base of the cake, pale orange white chocolate drip, buttercream dollops
6” round serves 6-9  $33 (Available as Gluten-Free +$9.00)

{Sweet Potato, Apple Naked Cake}  layers of our local apple and sweet potato cake, cream cheese filling, thin coat of Vanilla Buttercream Frosting. Candied Pumpkin Seeds.  7” round serves 12-14  $48

{Thankful Birch Cake}  vanilla and chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream filling, vanilla buttercream frosting. “Thankful” birch inscription. Edible and hand sculpted fall leaves, acorns, and cranberries. 7” round serves 10-14  $45
(Available as Gluten-Free +$9.00)

{Thanksgiving Cupcake Box}  12 cupcakes. No Substitutions.  $34
Double Chocolate Mousse Pie
3 vanilla/vanilla, 3 chocolate with vanilla buttercream, 4 pumpkin with cream cheese frosting, 2 caramel filled vanilla with vanilla buttercream frosting. Fancy Thanksgiving Décor (edible).

9” Deep Dish Artisan Favorite Pies 9” deep dish pie serves 6-9
-Honey Pumpkin Pie      $25 all butter crust baked to a deep golden brown, lots of pumpkin, cream and a little spice!
-Southern Pecan Pie      $25
-Chocolate Pecan Pie    $28  Layer of dark chocolate ganache  tops our sinful Southern Pecan Pie
-Double Chocolate Mousse Pie          $25 Chocolate crust w/a thin layer of ganache, dark chocolate mousse, real whipped cream, chocolate shavings & chocolate crunchies
-Cazuela (caz-way-LA)                            $23 9” deep dish pie, all-butter crust, sweet potato, pumpkin, coconut + ginger filling (like pumpkin pie but w/a Cuban twist) -has a cult following!)
-Chef’s Baked Vanilla Custard                       $23 9” deep dish pie, all-butter crust, vanilla bean baked custard in an all-butter shell.

9” Deep Dish Double Crust Pies 9” deep dish pie serves 6-9 $25
Apple   or         Wild Blueberry               or         Apple-Cranberry
Honey Pumpkin Pie

9” Dutch Crumb Deep Dish Pies 9” deep dish pie serves 6-9 $25
9” deep dish pie crust, very generous fruit filling, Oatmeal streusel tops our
Dutch Apple      or         Dutch Wild Blueberry     or Dutch Apple-Cranberry

Orders for Thanksgiving Close:
THURSDAY November 21st at 6:00pm

Place Orders By:
THURSDAY November 21st by 6:00pm

HOW TO ORDER:  Place Order By:
You will FIRST receive our auto-reply, THEN a separate confirmation email. If you do not receive both, please contact us by phone- it may be in black hole of a spam box!  PLEASE ALLOW 24 HOURS FOR A CONFIRMATION.
OR  Phone:  508.763.4905 
If we don’t answer: leave a message!

Wild Blueberry Pie

Orders Can Be Picked On:
Wednesday November 27, from Noon-6:00pm  
(pick up available Tuesday as well: please call for hours. Closed on Sunday/Monday.)
Artisan Bake Shop
265 Walnut Plain Road, Rochester MA 02770

We Accept Credit/Debit/Checks/Cash.
Check/Cash payments enjoy a 5% discount

All items must be kept cold/refrigerated and brought to room temperature to serve: www.artisanbakeshop.com/serve.htm

We are located about 20 min from New Bedford, 15 minutes from the Carver/Rochester Border, and 20 min from the Bourne Bridge.  
We have a sign at the street and a parking area down the driveway.
From Route I-195: Take exit 20 and turn left onto Route 105 North.  Follow Route 105 North for 1.8 miles then turn right onto Walnut Plain Road.  We are 1.2 miles on the left at 265 Walnut Plain Road.
From Route 58-MA:  Follow Route 58 towards Rochester.  Route 58 ends and continue straight onto County Road.  Follow County Road for 1.5 miles then turn right onto High Street.  Follow High Street for 2.6 miles then bear left onto Walnut Plain Road.  We are 1.4 miles on the right at 265 Walnut Plain Road.  

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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Easter Menu 2019

We are a small shop, with a small kitchen and even smaller staff-- regrettably, No Substitutions or Changes Unless Offered. 

6” cakes serve 6-8. 7” cakes serve 10-14 unless otherwise specified. 
All serving sizes are very generous            GF= gluten-free.   

Full Menu is Also Available on Our Website: https://artisanbakeshop.com/holiday.htm

Fine Cakes 

{Easter Sprinkle Cake} 6” vanilla cake, birthday cake batter filling w/ vanilla frosting, white chocolate drip (color: pale yellow), fancy sprinkles. “Easter Greetings” inscription $32  (GF $42, no sprinkles)

{Strawberry Tartine Cake}  Torte Style, vanilla mousse, halved fresh strawberries & vanilla cake. Strawberry geleé, w/whipped cream, & fresh strawberries.  7” Cake, Serves 10-12. $40   (GF $50)

{Carrot Torte} 7” layer NAKED cake: carrots, pineapple, coconut. Cream cheese filling, LIGHT coat of vanilla buttercream.  Edible sugar carrot tops $45

{Funfetti Cookie Dough Cake} 6” vanilla cake, milk soak, vanilla buttercream, confetti cookie crumbles, cookie ‘dough’, sprinkles.  $42

{The Bunny Cake} 7” chocolate cake layers, marshmallow buttercream filling & vanilla frosting. Bunny, fancy flowers (edible) $48   (GF $55)

{Raspberry Bavarian Roulade } pronounced: ROO-LAH-D. Vanilla Cake rolled w/a thin layer of seedless raspberry preserves and Bavarian crème patisserie garnished generously w/fresh raspberries & “Happy Easter” sugar tag. Serves 8-10. $34

Small Sweets: 

{Artisan Mini Pastry Box} Box of 30 pieces, $45. SUBSTITUTIONS:$5/EA
6 Chocolate Mousse Dessert Cups 6 Easter Egg Sugar Cookie Bars
6 Fancy Chocolate Cake Pops 6 Fancy Mini Vanilla Cupcakes
6 Lemon Berry Cheesecake Dessert Cups

{French Macaron Box} $30 (15 french macarons)
3 of each flavor: strawberry, caramel, almond, lemon, pistachio

{Easter Cupcake Box} Fancy hand-made Easter sugar decorations. $40 SUBSTITUTIONS: $5/EA
4 Chocolate Cake/Vanilla Buttercream,     2 Carrot Cake/Cream Cheese Frosting,
2 Vanilla Cake/Vanilla Buttercream,  2 Vanilla Cake/Chocolate Buttercream,
2  Strawberry Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

::Homemade Pies::::

{SIGNATURE Chocolate Mousse Pie} Dark chocolate mousse in ganache-glazed chocolate crust, w/whipped cream & chocolate vermicelli and chocolate crunchies, 9” pie, Serves 6-9.  $25

9” Deep Dish Pies:  Serves 6-9,  $22/ea    all-butter housemade crust, generous filling     
-Baked Coconut Custard -               Wild Blueberry   -       Vanilla Custard
Southern Pecan ($26 each)

9” Deep Dish Quiche: all-butter housemade crust, generous filling  $22/ea, serves 6-9. 
-Bacon & Cheddar-      Cheddar & Fresh Herbs-        Sausage & Roasted Red Pepper-

How to Order:Call: 508-763-4905  or   Email: artisanbakeshop@gmail.com 

We need your first/last name and phone number to place an order.
All orders will receive a confirmation, if you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours (on business days: Tues-Sat.), please call the bake shop 508-763-4905, sometimes emails get stuck in our spam box!

When should I place my Order?
For guaranteed availability: Please place orders by
Tues. 4/16/19 by 6:00pm.
{Custom Items: items NOT on the Easter Menu)}
Orders Close on Friday 4/11/18 by 4pm for guaranteed availability.

When Do I Pick Up My Order?  
Sat. 4/20  10:00am-3:00pm   
(Pick up on Thursday and Friday also available 10am-5:30pm)
265 Walnut Plain Road, Rochester, MA 02770
Directions: Located 20-25 min from New Bedford, 15 minutes from the Carver/Rochester Border, and 25 min from the Bourne Bridge.  www.artisanbakeshop.com/directions.htm

Payment Due at Time of Pickup
We Accept Debit or Credit Cards. 5% Discount for Checks & Cash.

How do I store/serve these Items:
Visit: http://artisanbakeshop.com/serve.htm 

Can be made by Tues. 4/16/19 by 6:00pm.  All cancellations made after 6:00pm on Tuesday 4/16 will be subject to 50% payment as we have begun purchasing ingredients and turned down other customers to begin your order.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Valentine’s Day 2019

Please Place Your Order: by 2/12 by 5:00pm for Valentine’s Day (2/14) Pick Up 10am-6pmSee below IN RED for lead time for other dates.

All Items Are Available By Special Order, ONLY,
by Phone 508-763-4905 or Email artisanbakeshop@gmail.com
(email/phone orders will receive a confirmation! If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours, please call the bake shop)

{Heart Cookie Kits} Tray with 10 total cut-out vanilla sugar cookies: 5 large hearts and 5 double hearts Also includ
es: one bag of ready to use light pink frosting
and five types of assorted sprinkles $25
Makes a great gift or fun activity for kids of all ages!

{Chocolate Dipped Strawberries} 
--Dark Dipped 
--or-- White Dipped
--or—Mix of Dark and White
1/2 Pound $9.75 per box  (4-7 berries)
1 Pound: $18 per box   (8-14 berries)

Box of one dozen $35.00   OR      Box of 1/2 dozen $18.00
-vanilla/white chocolate covering & stripes
-red velvet/pink chocolate covering, white pearl sprinkles
-chocolate/violet chocolate covering, white pearl sprinkles
(box of 6 has two of each flavor)
(box of 12 has four of each flavor)

{Valentine Cupcakes}
--Box of 12 $35  
4 Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting
4 Chocolate with Vanilla Buttercream
4 Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream
all cupcakes have fancy décor and/or super fancy sprinkles!

--Box of 6 $18 (includes 2 of each flavor above)  

{Fancy Cookie Box} 
Box of 1.25# of Cookies (white box with window, festive ribbon tie).  Approx. 12-17 cookies per box.
Chef’s Choice Selection of the freshest cookies that day: raspberry heart sandwiches, coconut chocolate chip macaroons, cranberry shortbread slice, heart shaped sugar cookies with sprinkles, strawberry thumbprints, red velvet softies. $20 (substitutions $5 each)

{Raspberry Filled Sugar Cookie Hearts}
(6) Six Per Bag: 2” vanilla sugar cookie sandwiched cutouts, filled with raspberry preserve with a peek-a-boo window of jam.
Cellophane Bag, Festive Ribbon Tie.
$12.00 per bag 

Other Dates for Pick Up:
2/12 (Tues): 1pm-6pm: order by 2/9 by Noon
2/13 (Wed.): 10am-6pm: order by 2/9 by Noon