Thursday, August 6, 2015

Provincetown Wedding: Two Minnie Mouses

Summer Weddings, Bourne Farm, Cape Cod, MA {wedding cakes}

{Bourne Farm Wedding: Naked Cake and Wedding Pie}
copyright: Artisan Bake Shop LLC
 themed wedding cakes

We love a fabulous Cape Cod wedding: especially a great Ptown wedding!
Here is a recent hand painted whimsical, and unique wedding cake from Ross' Grille in Provincetown, MA!

Topped with two minnie mouse cake toppers, and inscribed with "They Lived Happily Ever After" this is one of our most fabulous and unique whimsical wedding cakes that we've ever created and the FIRST Disney themed wedding cake!   Congratulations to the two brides!

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer Weddings, Bourne Farm, Cape Cod, MA {wedding cakes}

{Bourne Farm Wedding: Naked Cake and Wedding Pie}

 desserts + cake

We love a fabulous farm wedding, especially a Cape Cod Farm wedding.
Here is a recent Naked Cake, featuring fresh berries and herbs, along with a pie dessert bar that we created at Bourne Farm, North Falmouth, MA!

A fabulous two coat style, naked cake with Cervelli Farm Strawberries and herbs from the Artisan Bake Shop gardens!

Displayed on our classic Euro stand with wine crate detail!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

{We're Hiring, Baker/Cake Assistant, as of March 13, 2015}

Baker and Cake Assistant

Artisan Bake Shop is seeking a motivated, self-starter to join our bakery team. We are an upscale bake shop and cake design studio.  To join our team you must have a flexible schedule and available all weekends. Experience in a professional kitchen is required: at least experience 6 months in a production kitchen, restaurant kitchen, bake shop, or fast food. Must be able to work independently, on a time schedule, work in tight quarters, follow instructions, memorizing recipes and methods for week to week production and have excellent customer service skills.   A clean driving record is a must as deliveries may be required. Professional skills in scaling, mixing methods and baking of: cookies, bars, cakes, frosting, and other baked goods are required. Bench test is mandatory.  Upon accepting an interview and filling out an application: a portfolio of past work along with references must be included.

HOURS: Position is 30-40 hours per week. Full-time: April-December, Part-time: January-March. Applicant MUST be available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 10:00am-6:00pm, Saturday 11:00am-5:30pm, alternating Sundays 8:30am-1:00pm

WAGE:  Starting wage $11.85/hours, increases with experience.

Established in 2006, Artisan Bake Shop is an upscale bakery and cake design studio with a focus on scratch-baked cakes, cookies and pastries and exceptional customer service.

-Maintain solid knowledge of mixing methods and baked good preparation
-Produce the needed quantity of product on a time schedule, day to day, week to week
-Assist with baking and cake preparation process
-Maintain hygiene level required by state and local health departments
-Communicate with chefs and staff members efficiently
-Communicate with guests and effectively communicate information in regards to products and services
-Identify and safely use all kitchen equipment
-Ensure rotation FIFO of ingredients
-Read, measure and execute recipes and processes
-Maintain a clean working environment
-Regularly restock kitchen supplies and ingredients
-Assist with cake preparation and deliveries
-Maintain a professional work space
-Deliver and setup cakes to venues and maintain a professional appearance and attitude.
-Communicate effectively with guests, on the phone and in person, regarding products and services
-Maintain a profession, neat and organized well-groomed appearance
-Maintain exceptional knowledge of production and attention to detail with decoration
-Any further duties associated with production in a bakery.

-Knowledge of sanitary code and guidelines
-Ability to set up a work station for production
-At least 6 months experience in the back of the house in a professional kitchen experiences must include at least 2 of the following: high-volume kitchen, making dough and batters from scratch, multiple mixing methods, multitasking and time management while unsupervised, tempering chocolate, high-quality American pastries,
-Working knowledge of bakery equipment including but not limited to: mixers, double sheeter,
-Extensive skill, knowledge in aspects of baking production, interpersonal skills and most importantly planning time effectively
-Ability to work varied shifts
-Must be able to work with minimal supervision  
-This position is 100% standing, must be able to work in a standing position for more than 7 hours per day
-Ability to use and understand Windows 7, Microsoft Office and POS systems
-High School Diploma or equivalent. Baking and Pastry Degree or Certificate preferred
-Have exceptional interpersonal skills to communicate with chefs, coworkers and clients

-Ability to remember processes and recipes from week to week
-Multitask and perform to accomplish a standard production list within 4 weeks of hire
-Ability to remember doneness levels, production standards and recipe production week to week

-Clean Non-Slip Shoes
-Socks must be worn
-Chef Coat/Pants or clean denim/black pants, shorts may be worn (no cut-offs, shorts must fall within 6 inches of knee)
-All pants must be free of rips, tears, holes and must be in good condition
-Clean White Apron (provided)
-Clean Bake Shop T-shirt (provided)
-Deodorant must be worn
-Hair must be neat and pulled back as to not interfere with equipment or come in contact with food

Applications are available, in-person only, no exceptions. 
A copy of your resumes may be emailed to:
or mail to: Artisan Bake Shop 265 Walnut Plain Road, Rochester, MA 02770 ATTN: Meredith Rousseau. 

Applications accepted through: 4/20/15

Office Use Only: 10751200

Sample Production Schedule:

9:00am setup work station: clean area, pickup any leftover items on table and put away
9:15am ready for baking cookies: add production lists together, prepare work station: gathering the number of trays and parchment paper necessary. Gather cookies on rolling rack and count out cookies on tray and space to bake.  Turn ovens on when 15 minutes out from ready to bake.  Prepare bobkas per quantity listed on preparation list. Bake with a knowledge and understanding of doneness levels.  Know and understand doneness and know when to bake longer or if item is overdone: rebake.
10:30am  finish baking cookies and clean workstation
10:45am prepare workstation for buttercream and cake batter production
11:00am prepare buttercream according to chef/artist list for the week. Scaling and mixing in an order that is conducive to working on a tight schedule while maintain a clean and organized work station.
Noon  lunch break
12:30pm resume production of items needed for the week: working on a tight schedule with an understanding of working as quickly and efficiently as possible: ie squeezing in as many tasks as possible at one time and multitasking while maintain a clean and organized work station.
3:00pm Produce cake batters, sheet cookies, make fillings, doughs and batters for production throughout the week.
4:45pm Start closing list cleaning schedule to finish by 5:30pm. Leave bakery clean, organized, free of food and placing all items in storage (cold or room temperature) where needed.


Monday, March 9, 2015

Why We Ask for a Photo of a Cake That You'd Like to Copy

Many customers ask:  

"Why Do You Need A Photo of the Cake We Want You to Copy? Can't you just give me a price over the phone? It's not complicated AT ALL, it's just a simple cake..."

1) Everyone has a different idea of 'simple'.  Below, you'll see a photo of a cake design. And here's the story that goes with it... 

We were emailed by a lovely woman on a Friday evening for a cake that she needed in 7 days (for the next Saturday).  Generally, custom cake orders require 14 days notice, but she was referred by one of our favorite and longtime clients, so we obliged to take a look at what she was thinking about for design. 

She explained that she had a photo, but wanted to know our prices for a simple  Ariel Little Mermaid themed cake before she wasted her time, or our time.

Photos help us to understand what you're looking for, the complexity of the design, the number of tiers, colors, patterns and details. Without a photo,  or inspiration of some kind, we're reaching in the air and grabbing at designs and throwing a dollar value at you.

After some conversation, she replied that she would send the photo 'when she had a chance' as she was a very busy person.....14 hours later the photo arrived (now 6 days prior to the event)...
Here's the photo of the 'simple' cake design.
This is NOT a simple cake. This is also a gigantic cake that serves over 200 people. 

2) Just tell me how much it's going to cost...

This client explained that she was a busy person and just wanted a price for the exact design.  Sure, I can throw a price at our valued clients.  If you want this EXACT cake, you probably have some things that you want to change about it or you don't have 200 people to feed.   

This client only had 60 guests to feed.  So we need to decide on THREE of the FIVE tiers shown to bring together a cohesive design before we move on.   We also need to talk about the presentation: fondant vs. buttercream and the coordinating decor on the exterior.  Her answer: "Well, just give me the price."

We need you to take the time with us, so we can understand your vision for design, color palette and most importantly: what is most important to you!  

3) Share your vision! Help us, help you.

Take the time to share your thoughts and vision. Yes, it takes time, but good things, custom things, take time.

This cake, see the photo, below: 
-replace the flower with a starfish
-add a tier in the middle with 'c' scrollwork (or the pretty pearls from the original design)
-add a number topper in the scale pattern of the original design

VOILA! BOOM! A cake that is 2/3 LESS in cost than the original design. And just as cute.
Buttercream ombre aqua teal shell/star design. Change a few elements and make is beachy Ariel, Little Mermaid! 

4) Sadly, 75% of customers never get to here...

Many people are afraid to share their thoughts with us, even more are afraid to email a photo of their design.  

We offer a no-obligation quote, by email, which includes
1) pricing for the original design
2) modifications to the design
3) other options for design within at least two (2) other price ranges (if possible).

Once you receive this PDF file by email, you can follow the instructions to book with us, or choose not to.

So, send us your photos, your thoughts, your pictures, contact us with 14 days notice, and we look forward to working with you!
-Meredith @ The Artisan Bake Shop, 265 Walnut Plain Road, Rochester, MA 02770 
Phone: 508-763-4905
Contact us by email Here

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

{First Birthday Cakes: Dr. Seuss and Cat in the Hat}

{The ULTIMATE Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake}
What better way o celebrate your first birthday than with this adorable smash cake!
Better yet-- what if the smash cake just topped a giant tiered cake with all of Dr. Seuss's characters!
 This buttercream (YES BUTTERCREAM!) cake features a bottom tier with hand painted Dr. Seuss whimsical cat in the hat characters along with Horton, Thing 1 and 2 and lots of others!

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The Art and Craft of Cake
Serving, Cape Cod, Southeastern Massachusetts, Newport, Tiverton and Bristol, RI
for weddings, special events, birthdays and more! 
Beachy nautical, seaside, vintage, rustic, elegant, glamorous, winter, spring, summer, fall.
We LOVE Weddings!
265 Walnut Plain Road Rochester, MA 02770

phone 508-763-4905  /  web 

Monday, January 19, 2015

Fondant vs. Buttercream: How to get a cool cake on a budget

Southeastern Massachusetts: Fine Cakes & Boutique Custom Cupcakes

Best Birthday Cakes 

Over the past 10 years, we've never had a custom call and say, "I need a cake for Saturday, and it's the most elaborate design that you've probably ever made and I have an unlimited budget."

Everyone is on a budget, and everyone has a different idea of "fancy", "elaborate", "time consuming" and "simple" when it comes to the design of cakes and cupcakes for kids and adults.   When you're on a budget, the best course of action is to choose a buttercream design.  We all want a delicious and awesome birthday cake without spending a boat load of cash.

Cake A: Our original design.  Wonky tiers (that are topsy turvy) with lots of candy and details added to each tier. Stand Up hand cut lettering decorate the tiers.  
This cake is one of the most expensive: WHY?
1) slanted tiers that are not straight across
2) fondant tiers  (fondant is more expensive than buttercream- it's one more step for us and fondant is expensive)
3)LOTS of decorations  3)lettering and inscription that stands up

Cake B: A similar design, on a budget.  This round buttercream cake features only two tiers.  Has similar fondant and candy decorations. The tiers are straight across and buttercream is your most budget friendly option.

This cake is still fabulous and custom, but less expensicve: WHY?
1) buttercream tiers that straight across 
2) fondant decorations on buttercream tiers  (buttercream is less  expensive than fondant- it's one less step for us !)
3)LOTS of decorations, but they're more simple  
3)Less candy and decorations due to the fact that there are only two tiers

We make the most amazing, scratch-made delicious birthday cakes, bridal shower cakes, kids cakes.  All of our designs are custom, we're happy to created themed cakes for children's parties, weddings, and any event.
Located in Southeastern Massachusetts, our customers come from the towns of Dartmouth, MA, Fairhaven, MA, New Bedford, MA, Marion MA, Rochester MA, Wareham MA, Westport MA, Bourne MA, Buzzards Bay MA, Onset MA, Wareham MA.

Artisan Bake Shop has been voted Best Desserts South Coast for the past 3 years! 

Artisan Bake Shop265 Walnut Plain Road, Rochester, MA 02770Phone: 508-763-4905
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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Marion, Massachusetts Wedding Cakes + Birthday Cakes

Marion, Massachusetts: Boutique Cakes & Cupcakes

Baby Showers, Weddings, Birthdays, & Special Occasions 

Dessert Bar and Wedding Cake in Blush, Peach and Tiffany Blue at
Kittansett Club, Oceanfront Private Golf Club, Marion, MA
Gold Themed 50th Birthday Cake, Marion, Massachusetts
 As a native to Southeastern Massachusetts, I've always loved being a part of the community! Working at fabulous waterfront venues for birthday parties, wedding, baby showers, bridal events and fun occasions brings me such joy.  Every party is different and I love the opportunity to bring your vision for a cake or cupcakes to life!
What Will Baby Bee? Shower Cake
Marion, Massachusetts

Whether design is based on your invitation or based on your location-- sailing is always an exciting theme for any Marion or Mattapoisett celebration!  Or a color scheme is where we start- think Lily Pulitzer for any preppy birthday party that needs a cake!

3D sculpted sailboat cake perfect for any yacht club
event in Padanaram, Marion, Mattapoisett, Fairhaven
New Bedford, Falmouth, or Bourne
 Sometimes, the location lends itself to the cake, cupcake or dessert bar theme. Reservation Golf Club, New Bedford Country Club and Allendale Country Club of South Dartmouth always lend themselves well to that man in your
life that loves the game!

I'm always a fan of a great groom's cake, too! Think your favorite sailboat or your favorite bottle of scotch! A Red Sox hat groom's cake is always a favorite for Boston fans!

Sparkling Sugar Covered Buttercream Tiers
The Kittansett Club Wedding, South Coast Massachusetts 
Contact us for more information about our cakes!  Visit:  Call us: 508-763-4905  Or click to EMAIL!

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Our Favorite Venues for Wedding Cakes: Bittersweet Farm

Our Favorite Reception Venues for Wedding Cakes

SPOTLIGHT: Bittersweet Farm, Westport, MA
Venue: rustic, elegant barn with sprawling lawn for ceremonies

Rustic Birch Barn wedding cake with carved
heart monogram at Bittersweet Farm
For the past 8 years we have enjoyed Bittersweet Farm located in historic Wesport, MA. Managed by The LaFrance Group, Bittersweet Farm features ample room for up to 150  guests and is one of the only Farm venues in the South Coast of Massachusetts.

Multiple wedding cakes at Bittersweet create a display
to remember!
Six cakes with six flavors and Six Designs-- then you don't have
to choose ONE!
Featuring an all-inclusive,  full-service venue for both your ceremony and reception with beautiful post and beam construction, a great staff and a new outdoor cocktail patio- we love this barn setting that can go from rustic/vintage to English garden to farm-chic!

Textured buttercream and sugar
flowers in sage and white- featuring our
wood log slice stands!

We love creating cupcake displays and towers, dessert bars and cake bars along with classic tiered cakes for this venue! Our array of wood cake stands and pedestals along with our vintaged stained wood cupcakes towers are perfect for this fabulous rustic barn venue!

Oh I can't believe that I didn't mention the food, too at Bittersweet!  The menu, which is also fantastic with lots of options! Try the buffet on a Sunday  and you'll get a sneak peek.  Conveniently located in Westport, MA just minutes from Route 24 and Route 195, Fall River, New Bedford, Lakeville, Freetown, Middleboro, Westport, Rochester and Acushnet.   
At Bittersweet Farm: think about a dessert bar with  all of your
favorite sweets along with a cake, too!

Visit Bittersweet Farm Online:
Vintage lace and flowers lend a traditional touch to
a contemporary cascade of lace!

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Independence Harbor, Weddings, Assonet, MA

Colorful Buttercream Wedding Cake
at Independence Harbor, Assonet, MA
conveniently located just 30 minutes
 from Artisan Bake Shop.

Our Favorite Reception Venues for Wedding Cakes

SPOTLIGHT: Independence Harbor, Assonet, MA

Venue: private 20 acre estate with manicured elegant gardens, impecable staff and spacious reception and garden venues for both dinner and ceremonies

One of my favorite wedding venues in the South Coast of Massachusetts is Independence Harbor! It is a go-to for garden ceremonies in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Featuring an all-inclusive,  full-service venue for both your ceremony and reception with unparalleled, spotless, manicured grounds in any season, a professional staff (I've been working with the same staff for 7 years!).  Both the indoor and outdoor spaces are always perfectly decorated.  

Then there's the food, which is also amazing! Try the buffet on a Sunday  and you'll get a sneak peek.  Conveniently located in Assonet, MA. Independence Harbor is just minutes from Route 24, Fall River, New Bedford, Lakeville, Freetown, Middleboro, Westport, Rochester and Acushnet.   

Here are a few of our favorite CAKES and CUPCAKES from the best all-inclusive garden venue on the South Coast:
Rustic, Woodland Birch Themed Independence Harbor Wedding Cake and Cupcakes

Tiered Buttercream Beautiful Wedding Cake with fresh flowers and custom monogram

Fushia, Green Wedding Cake, featuring ribbon and floral design. Photo Courtesy of IMAGEMAKERS
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