Thursday, November 22, 2018

Holiday Menu 2018

\holiday menu 2018
Items on Our Holiday Menu 2018: avail. starting 12/12 
Items Listed Are the Only Items
We Will be Offering For Pick-Up From 12/23-12/24.

We have a small kitchen, with an even smaller staff
No Changes to Sizes/Flavor, Unless Offered as a Choice for Substitutions.
Holiday Cakes   all serving sizes are generous     (GF* = gluten-free)
7” cake: 10-14 generous portions --6” cake: 6-8 generous portions

{Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Cake} 7”  $45  Chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream + salted caramel filling, vanilla buttercream frosting, dark chocolate ganache drip and chocolate Gingerbread man, edible gold leaf,  “JOY” inscription (avail. GF* $55)

{Snowflake Cake} 6”  $38   Lemon cake, raspberry preserve filling vanilla buttercream frosting, edible snowflakes, and edible sparkle (avail. GF* $48)

{Chocolate Candy Cane Cake} 6”  $32  Chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream filling & frosting, covered in crushed peppermint candy cane pieces (avail. GF* $42)

{Happy Holidays Cake} 7”  $42.  Vanilla cake, raspberry preserve filling vanilla buttercream frosting, with holly & pinecones (edible)

{Tab’s Grinchmas Cake} $48 -7” serves 10-14. Layers of Red Velvet & Vanilla cake, cream cheese filling vanilla buttercream frosting, green white chocolate drip, festive Grinchy Sprinkles (avail. GF* $58)

{Black+White Chocolate Mousse Cake} $43 -Serves 10-12. Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Mousse, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Cookie Crunch. (avail. GF* $49. No cookie crunch)

--Classic Pies all pies, 9” deep dish, serving 6-8 generous portions

{Southern Pecan Pie} $23   (Add Chocolate Glaze: For Chocolate Pecan Pie: +$4)

{Double Chocolate Mousse Pie} Chocolate crust with a thin layer of ganache, Callebaut dark chocolate mousse & whipped cream, chocolate crunchies $23

265 Walnut Plain Rd Rochester, MA 02770
Ph: 508.763.4905

-What ‘s  the  last   date  to   place  my   order?
Items on Christmas Menu Can Be Ordered Thru Tuesday 12/18/18 by 6:00pm for Christmas Eve (12/24) Pick-Up

-I’d  like   to  Pick  Up   my  Order  Before  12/24
Absolutely! We’ll be here all week, just let us know which day and we’ll let you know the window of time when your order will be ready, please allow a min. 6 days advance notice.

-How  Do I  Place  An  Order?
Call or Email:  508.763.4905
We’ll need your phone number to place your order, too
Email orders will receive a confirmation reply email message.  If you do not receive an email reply within 24 hours (ON BUSINESS DAYS: Tuesday-Saturday): your order HAS NOT BEEN received.

-Christmas Order Pick Up-
Monday December 24th  10:00am-3:00pm. All orders are ready at 10am and can be picked up until 3:00pm when we close.

-I’d    like   to   order   something   that   is   not   listed on   the   Holiday   Menu   2017?   Any Special Order Items (ie: Items not on the Holiday Menu 2017, must be picked up on or prior to 12/23)  All Special orders must be placed min. 10 days prior to pick up date

 -How do I store my items overnight?

-Payment: Due on Pick Up We Accept Cash/Checks/Debit/Credit.
Personal Checks/Cash Receive a 5% Discount.

Changes/Additions/Modifications to Your Order: Email or call: 508-763-4905 by Tuesday 12/18/18 by 6:00pm. Changes after this date are not guaranteed and may be subject to additional charges. 

Cancellations made after 2:00pm on Thursday 12/20/18 require 50% payment as we will have turned down other business to start your order and will also have begun to purchase ingredients to make your order.

Disclaimer: Not Responsible For Typographical Or Pictorial Errors