Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Mother's Day 2020

{This Week’s Specials for MOM!}
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Place Orders by Phone: 508-763-4905
We will take orders until Wednesday 5/6 until 3:00pm or UNTIL WE REACH CAPACITY
ORDERS: must be pre-paid by phone.

{Strawberry Tartine Cake} Our take on a strawberry shortcake. vanilla cake layered with mascarpone whipped cream, halved fresh strawberries. Strawberry glaze & fresh strawberries.  7” serves 8-11. $40   (Gluten-Free $50)

{Mother's Day DYO (decorate your own) SUGAR COOKIE KIT} $24  includes: -6, "M's" and 3, "O's" -three bags of Ready-to-Use glaze/icing in assorted colors -fancy sprinkles -assorted fondant hearts

{Key Lime Pie} $22 graham crust, tart yet sweet key lime filling with a burst of key lime zest. Real whipped cream, and coconut sprinkle.

{Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake} Vanilla-blueberry cake, lemon curd filling, vanilla buttercream frosting pink and gold splatter. Edible Fondant Décor: “Happy Mother’s Day Plaque”. 6” serves 6-8 $39

{Classic Cheesecake} Graham crust, vanilla bean cheesecake, with fresh berries and whipped cream. 8” Serves 7-9. $32

{Comfort Baked Goods Box} Mother’s Day Brunch: Includes:
-4 wild blueberry muffins
-1 sour cream coffee cake loaf (3.5"x3"x7.5")
-4 strawberry shortcake cups (vanilla cake layered with cream and fresh sliced strawberries in a 10oz tumbler cup)
-1 quart cranberry almond vanilla granola

{Sprinkle Cake} vanilla and chocolate cake layers, vanilla buttercream filling and frosting. Naturally colored festive rainbow sprinkles (no artificial food dye). $25

QUICHE:  $22
-spinach & goat cheese & caramelized onion
-bacon, cheddar & caramelized onion
-tomatoe, cheddar & caramelized onion
-Portuguese Hash: linguica, cheddar and jack cheese blend,  roasted red potatoes, & caramelized onion

{5” gluten-free cakes} serves 6 (4-5 manly pieces) $30 each
Torte style: four layers of cake, three layers of filling
Vanilla with vanilla buttercream: navy paletted buttercream and white anchors
Chocolate with vanilla buttercream: dust blue watercolor buttercream and gold brush accent

{Box of Sunshine MOM Cupcakes} The Perfect Mother's Day gift for a Drop-and-Dash Delivery. 4 total cupcakes: 2 vanilla and 2 chocolate. All with vanilla buttercream frosting. Cupcakes are topped with fondant decor: "M" "O" "M" and a sunshine. Decor is edible and tastes similar to a vanilla Necco wafer. Packaged in an 8"x8"x4" box with festive "Happy Mother's Day" sticker with space for you to include a "To" and "From" handwritten message.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Artisan Recipe: Honey Vanilla Lemonade

honey vanilla lemonade

Recipe: Artisan Bake Shop, Meredith Rousseau

Yield: approx. 3.5 cups of lemonade concentrate
This is a favorite zippy summer drink from our Farmers’ Market days!  Our honey vanilla lemonade starts as a homemade concentrate.  The concentrate makes a wonderful hostess gift and also keeps in the fridge for a month.
Serve well shaken with ice and can be topped off with a float of your favorite fizzy seltzer or dry sparkling wine.

Recipe Notes: be sure to zest the citrus prior to juicing. 
You can replace the lemon juice/zest for orange juice and zest.

To Make the Concentrate:
¾ cup honey (local, unfiltered preferred)
1 ¼ cups organic sugar
5 tablespoons lemon zest
2 cups freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 vanilla bean, (halved lengthwise and scraped)

Place a 2 quart saucepan on the stove.  Pour honey, sugar, zest, juice and vanilla bean (bean pod and scrapings) into the pot. 
Turn heat to medium/low and bring to a light simmer stirring occasionally, approximately 8-11 minutes.
Allow to simmer 2-3 minutes, turn off heat and move to a cold burner on the stove and allow to cool 5-10 minutes.
Pour concentrate, including the vanilla bean, into a glass jar or glass milk bottle.  Refrigerate.

To Use:  Fill a cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake the bottle of lemonade concentrate well.  Pour 2 ounces (1 shot) concentrate and 3 oz (1 ½ shots) of water into the glass. Using the shaker, shake the mixture well. Approx. 1 minute.  Pour contents, including ice, into a glass.  For a fun twist: leave approx. ½-3/4 inches of space at the top of the glass. Top with a float of your favorite tonic or seltzer or dry sparkling wine (optional).

Shop ONLINE with us during COVID-19, and pick up your items at the Bake Shop!

{Shop Online} during this unprecedented time, we are trying out something new!
We now have an online store (starting April 20, 2020 and until we're back to our new normal).

--New Items will be posted each week to make the ordering process easier--

Once you’ve placed your order, you’ll
--Pick Up—at our location:
Artisan Bake Shop
265 Walnut Plain Road, Rochester, MA 02770

-Pick Up is Car Hop/Curbside Service we bring your order to your car, wearing gloves and a mask

Our Online Store Items:
will be available for Saturday pick up 9am-1pm, only 
        (all orders will be ready at 9am and can be picked up until 1:00pm)

As always you can place your order by phone, too: 508-763-4905

Link to Our Online Store: 

Friday, April 17, 2020

COVID -19 STATEMENT: April 17, 2020

April 17, 2020
Thank you so much for supporting us during this uncertain time.  As always, my small bake shop is by special-order, and by-appointment, only.   

We have remained open throughout the COVID-19 situation.  I'll be blunt: I took this situation seriously from the beginning.  I have an obligation to keep everyone safe: you and my staff.  

On March 16, 2020, I made the decision to operate exclusively as CAR HOP/Curbside Pickup.  I found a box of N95 masks that we had in storage and went to work figuring out how to operate in our new normal.

Customers do not enter the building (even the UPS guy).  Receiving items like bulk flour, sugar, eggs and butter, (even the mail) is handled much differently now than in the past.

It was important to limit our interactions, and therefore only myself and Tabitha (my foodservice manager and employee of 11 years) are working.

How Does CAR HOP/Curbside Pickup Work?

When you do see us bringing your order to your car, we are fully masked (N95, only) and gloved.  
-We wash our hands
-We touch your order, and only your order, with gloves.
-When we come back into the bake shop the gloves are disposed of at our sanitizing station near the front door.
-We use hand sanitizer, first, and then Lysol the soles of our shoes and walk to the handwash sink
-We wash our hands again
-Our footwear is also exclusive to the bakery (as of 4/18/20): we do not wear our shoes home.
-We setup a full disinfecting station: Lysol, Clorox Wipes, and Hand Sanitizer, boxes of gloves, extra masks, etc inside of our main entrance

Sometimes you may see a few people outside:
-We have three volunteers: my parents who live on the property, and my husband who is currently not working.
-I also have a 93 year old grandmother and a 16 month old son, so we have to take extra precautions no matter what.

Our daily routine includes all recommendations that have been issued by the CDC, FDA and local and state Health Departments require:
Photo Credit: Joyelle West Photography

-Thoroughly sanitize all production surfaces throughout the day, every day.
-Wear gloves whenever we handle product
-Wash our hands often and thoroughly throughout the day.

These are steps that we take every day but now we are on overdrive.  

As we celebrate our 15th year, know that we thankful for your support, kindness, and encouraging words!  We love baking cakes, cookies, and so many confections for you. 

Thank you for being there for us, and we’ll continue to be here for you,
Meredith (and Tabitha)

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Easter Menu 2020

Easter Menu 2020
We are a small shop with a small kitchen & even smaller staff.   Regrettably, No Substitutions or Changes Unless Offered.
6” cakes serve 6-8.    7” cakes serve 10-14 unless otherwise specified. 
All serving sizes are very generous            GF= gluten-free.  

Fine Cakes

{Strawberry Tartine Cake} Torte Style: vanilla cake layered with mascarpone whipped cream, halved fresh strawberries. Strawberry glaze & fresh strawberries.  7” serves 8-11. $40   (GF $50)

{Carrot Torte} 7” layer NAKED cake: carrots, pineapple, coconut. Cream cheese filling, LIGHT coat of vanilla buttercream.  Edible sugar carrot tops $45

{Easter Sprinkle Cake} 6” vanilla cake, cream cheese filling w/ vanilla frosting, white chocolate drip (color: pale yellow), fancy sprinkles. “Easter Greetings” inscription $32 (GF $42)

{Chocolate Fudge Cake} 7” chocolate cake layers, chocolate fudge filling, & vanilla frosting. Edible Décor: buttercream floral wreath & Easter eggs $45   
(GF $55)

{Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake} Vanilla-blueberry cake, lemon curd filling, vanilla buttercream frosting. Edible Fondant Décor: Easter eggs and sugar flowers. 6” serves 6-8 $37

{Classic Cheesecake} Graham crust, vanilla bean cheesecake, with fresh berries and whipped cream. 8” Serves 7-9. $37

Small Sweets:
Artisan Mini Pastry Box --30 pieces, $48. SUBSTITUTIONS:$5/EA
6 Chocolate Mousse Dessert Cups       6 Easter Egg Sugar Cookie Bars
6 Fancy Chocolate Cake Pops             6 Fancy Mini Vanilla Cupcakes
6 Lemon Berry Cheesecake Dessert Cups

French Macaron Box $30 (15 French Macarons)
3 of each flavor:  strawberry, caramel, almond, lemon, pistachio

Peter Rabbit Cupcake Box fancy handmade fondant decor. $40
4 Chocolate Cake/Vanilla Buttercream,     2 Carrot Cake/Cream Cheese Frosting,
2 Vanilla Cake/Vanilla Buttercream,  2 Vanilla Cake/Chocolate Buttercream,
2 Strawberry Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Cupcakes 4 chocolate cupcakes, 2 w/raspberry filling. All with vanilla dairy-free frosting $12

Homemade Pies
SIGNATURE Chocolate Mousse Pie Dark chocolate mousse in ganache-glazed chocolate crust, w/whipped cream & chocolate vermicelli and chocolate crunchies, 9” pie, Serves 6-9.  $25

9” Deep Dish Pies:  Serves 6-9,  $25/ea    housemade all-butter crust, generous filling      -Baked Coconut Custard -               Wild Blueberry   -       Vanilla Custard

Breakfast  and Savory:
9” Deep Dish Quiche: all-butter housemade crust, generous filling  $22/ea, serves 6-9.   
-- bacon, leek & cheddar-  -maple sausage & roasted red pepper –
– spinach, caramelized onion & goat cheese—

Meri’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake: moist sour cream coffee cake layered with cinnamon filling and topped with cinnamon streusel.  8”x4 ½” x 3” loaf cake. Cuts into 6-8 generous slices. $15

How to Order:  
Call: 508-763-4905  or  
We need your first/last name and phone number to place an order.
All orders will receive a confirmation, if you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours, please call the bake shop 508-763-4905, sometimes emails get stuck in our spam box!

When should I place my Order?
Place Orders by Sunday 4/5/20 by 11:00am.

{Custom Items: items NOT on the Easter Menu)}
Orders Close on 4/1/20 by 1pm.

When Do I Pick Up My Order?  
Sat. 4/11/20  10:00am-2:00pm    
(Pick up on Thursday and Friday also available 10am-6:00pm)
265 Walnut Plain Road, Rochester, MA 02770
Directions: Located 20-25 min from New Bedford, 15 minutes from the Carver/Rochester Border, and 25 min from the Bourne Bridge.  www.artisanbakeshop.com/directions.htm

Payment Due at Time of Pickup
We Accept Debit or Credit Cards. 5% Discount for Checks & Cash.

How do I store/serve these Items:

Can be made by Tues. 4/7/20 by 6:00pm.  All cancellations made after 6:00pm on Tues. 4/7/20 after 6:00pm will be subject to 50% payment as we have begun purchasing ingredients and turned down other customers to begin your order.

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How to Disassemble and Cut a Cake!

We get so many questions about cake cutting that we decided to make a video to share with you!