Monday, March 9, 2015

Why We Ask for a Photo of a Cake That You'd Like to Copy

Many customers ask:  

"Why Do You Need A Photo of the Cake We Want You to Copy? Can't you just give me a price over the phone? It's not complicated AT ALL, it's just a simple cake..."

1) Everyone has a different idea of 'simple'.  Below, you'll see a photo of a cake design. And here's the story that goes with it... 

We were emailed by a lovely woman on a Friday evening for a cake that she needed in 7 days (for the next Saturday).  Generally, custom cake orders require 14 days notice, but she was referred by one of our favorite and longtime clients, so we obliged to take a look at what she was thinking about for design. 

She explained that she had a photo, but wanted to know our prices for a simple  Ariel Little Mermaid themed cake before she wasted her time, or our time.

Photos help us to understand what you're looking for, the complexity of the design, the number of tiers, colors, patterns and details. Without a photo,  or inspiration of some kind, we're reaching in the air and grabbing at designs and throwing a dollar value at you.

After some conversation, she replied that she would send the photo 'when she had a chance' as she was a very busy person.....14 hours later the photo arrived (now 6 days prior to the event)...
Here's the photo of the 'simple' cake design.
This is NOT a simple cake. This is also a gigantic cake that serves over 200 people. 

2) Just tell me how much it's going to cost...

This client explained that she was a busy person and just wanted a price for the exact design.  Sure, I can throw a price at our valued clients.  If you want this EXACT cake, you probably have some things that you want to change about it or you don't have 200 people to feed.   

This client only had 60 guests to feed.  So we need to decide on THREE of the FIVE tiers shown to bring together a cohesive design before we move on.   We also need to talk about the presentation: fondant vs. buttercream and the coordinating decor on the exterior.  Her answer: "Well, just give me the price."

We need you to take the time with us, so we can understand your vision for design, color palette and most importantly: what is most important to you!  

3) Share your vision! Help us, help you.

Take the time to share your thoughts and vision. Yes, it takes time, but good things, custom things, take time.

This cake, see the photo, below: 
-replace the flower with a starfish
-add a tier in the middle with 'c' scrollwork (or the pretty pearls from the original design)
-add a number topper in the scale pattern of the original design

VOILA! BOOM! A cake that is 2/3 LESS in cost than the original design. And just as cute.
Buttercream ombre aqua teal shell/star design. Change a few elements and make is beachy Ariel, Little Mermaid! 

4) Sadly, 75% of customers never get to here...

Many people are afraid to share their thoughts with us, even more are afraid to email a photo of their design.  

We offer a no-obligation quote, by email, which includes
1) pricing for the original design
2) modifications to the design
3) other options for design within at least two (2) other price ranges (if possible).

Once you receive this PDF file by email, you can follow the instructions to book with us, or choose not to.

So, send us your photos, your thoughts, your pictures, contact us with 14 days notice, and we look forward to working with you!
-Meredith @ The Artisan Bake Shop, 265 Walnut Plain Road, Rochester, MA 02770 
Phone: 508-763-4905
Contact us by email Here

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